Community Energy from Solar Envelope Architecture

Industrial Need

Perceived Risk

Perceived risk of new building concepts integrating renewable energy technologies compared to the traditional “bricks and mortar” approach

Global Transition

Global transition towards a more secure, clean, and efficient energy system


Government policy incentives are aimed at sector adoption to ensure new approaches become standard practice.

€190 billion

Apartment and office construction is €190 billion of annual EU economic activity with large employment, social development impacts and scope for technical innovation.


Building environmental assessment schemes emphasise sustainability and energy ratings, over and above the mandatory requirements set out in the Building Regulations

Energy Production

“Normal” facades don’t produce energy. “Normal” facades cannot participate in Demand Response programs or monetise flexibility services as part of the smart grid.


To decarbonise the building stock we need multifunctional facades which collect solar & ambient energy and fulfil traditional functions such as weather, noise & fire protection.


Modular design and prefabrication simplifies integration of energy efficiency measures and Renewable Energy provision.

Faster Construction

Prefabricated elements are faster to construct need fewer subcontractors and reduce construction & retrofit costs.

Incremental Investment

Decarbonisation through distributed building integrated solutions can be achieved through smaller incremental investments


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